About company
About company

Our company was founded in 2016. We specialize in the development and promotion of business cards, landing-pages, corporate websites, online stores. Today, we are developing customized turnkey commercial websites using the specifics of your business.

The main goal for us has always been to develop a high-quality, effective product and care for the commercial interests of the client.

Cooperating with our company, you can always count on a complete and effective ready-made web product, which is conceived as a tool for making profit, and not additional expenses. Also for 6 months after the project is completed, we provide advice and technical support absolutely free.

For 3 years of work in the field of web industry, we have developed more than 70 websites of various subjects and complexity. From business card sites to large online stores that today operate on the Ukrainian market and bring profit to their owners.

We have developed many proven and effective methods in the development and promotion of websites that allow you to achieve a positive result and high conversion at the most balanced cost.

In our web-studio, the customer is directly involved in the development of the project in the form of a consultant (by email). This approach allows you to develop a project specifically aimed at your type of activity, taking into account those nuances that are known only to you, it also saves time when solving issues related to design and functionality. After all, quite often the customer in the process of working on a project may want to expand the technical task or change some points. Our company tries to always go to meet its customers and to find solutions to such issues without additional cash costs of the customer.

We are always open to cooperation.

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